Hilary term schedule

Michaelmas term, and the last paper of term which I didn’t report on (oops), are distant memories now and we’ve fixed a schedule for Hilary term. We have Cian Dorr with us this time, which is exciting. The papers are as follows:

Week 1 (21st January):
Kit Fine, ‘The question of ontology’

Week 2 (28th January):
Brian Weatherson, ‘Can we do without pragmatic encroachment?’

Week 3 (4th February):
Anthony Gillies, ‘On truth-conditions for “if” (but not quite only if)’

Week 4 (11th February):
Cian Dorr, ‘There are no abstract objects’
Available on Weblearn, or in Contemporary Debates in Metaphysics, ed. John Hawthorne, Theodore Sider and Dean Zimmerman (Blackwell, 2007).

Week 5 (18th February):
Tom Kelly, ‘The epistemic significance of disagreement’

Week 6 (25th February):
Jeff King, ‘Tense, modality & semantic values’ (skip Section 3 & appendix)

Week 7 (4th March):
Roger White, ‘Evidential Symmetry and Mushy Credence’

Week 8 (11th March)
Agustin Rayo, ‘Ontological commitment’

(note the last two weeks have been switched as of Feb 12th)


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